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It's too late to say goodbye to Floppy Disk Drives

The Floppy Disk Drive - that small box which hangs in mid-air on your desktop PC's cabinet's front. Do you ever look at it? With a majestic CD-RW or DVD+/-RW sitting on the apogee of the cabinet, the floppy drive is only an antique showcase piece of your PC. Litting up only when your PC boots up, and probably when the mouse click falls on the unfortunate '3½" Floppy Disk (A:)' icon in My Computer, the floppy disk drive is the most forgotten device of the desktop PC.

If the floppy disks are already nailed to the graves and wiped out from the face of the earth (most of it, that is), why are even the latest PCs fixed with floppy disk drives. I thank God that my laptop does not have a floppy drive. It's a complete waste of space especially for a thing like a notebook.

Let's see why floppies became obsolete so fast.

They were not reliable. Everytime you touched a floppy, there was that big red sign flashing in front of your eyes: HANDLE WITH CARE. One slight jerk,…

Statistics of your blog!

I found this great site which can enable you to log all the visitors of your blog or website. The site is You can create a new account and a new project. Simply copy the code provided and put it somewhere convenient in the blog template. See where I've put it, down below.

By the way: The blog is UNUSABLE!! It should be the next site to be put in the 'Unusable' article in my favourite computer magazine, Digit!!

The "Apache Tomcat" Error; and some Blogger goodies

I had been experiencing the "Apache Tomcat; HTTP Server 500; Internal Server Error" for quite sometime.

Recently I found that if you are getting this error message when you are logged into, simply sign out and sign in again.

And remember to refresh all the blogs you are reading!

I also found some goodies in the How To (for every blogger) section and Blogger Hacks (for those who know html and xml only) section in the Blogger Help. Check em out. It's worth, really!

By the way, The Green Room is hip n happening!

Visit The Green Room Now and WIN...... a hand full of emptiness!

... Just kidding people!

Well this "green room" is designed with nature in mind, you may think! But no, not at all! This blog is created by the music mastermind Varun and he is waiting for his classmates to join and start blogging. Don't let this blog dye... or it will become "burgundy room" or "black room" or something!!.... [die** (spelling mistake)]

Idea Courtesy: Ranjana
Realisation Courtesy: Varun
Publicity Courtesy: ADTC

Visit The Green Room Now!

I'm back! .... Finally... huh!

I really can't believe it but it has been around 8 months since my last post!

Well guys i'm back! I thought it would become necessary to reset my password but luckily the first guess was right! I don't think I may maintain this blog. It all depends. I may change the name (or create new one if i cant do that) and start blogging... this time, really.

Thanx guys... n gals... hehe... who ever has read this, for your patience.