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How to force redirect HTTP to HTTPS in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

After picking up bits and pieces over the Internet, here I have the complete guide for my particular setup. My Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk (ELB or EBS) is as follows:
64bit Amazon Linux 2016.03 v2.1.1 running Tomcat 8 Java 8Java/JSP application on Apache TomcatMaven BuildHow to get it done: First, configure your EBS instance: Go to Configuration and click the gear on Load Balancing.Under Load Balancer, set the following options:Listener port: 80Protocol: HTTPSecure listener port: 443Protocol: HTTPSSSL certificate ID: Choose the cert ID that goes with your server. If you don't have one, you can use Certificate Manager to create one.Apply and save this configuration. Let the server health be OK.Test it by accessing your application web page through both HTTP and HTTPS:HTTP should load the page unsecurely.HTTPS should load the page securely.No port number should be added after the domain name in either case. Then, add a configuration file in a folder called .ebextensions in your proje…

Make Google Chrome fast again

TL;DR: Get Native Lazy Tabs or Tiny Suspender (You need to enable "native discard" experimental feature in its options).

Pro Tip: Press Shift-Esc in Chrome to view its task manager. Sort the memory column and you'll get an idea of which tabs or extensions are using the most of it.

When Google Chrome browser first came out, the pitch was a no-frills super fast browser that is very light on memory. This was amazing at the time when competing browsers like Firefox were heavy on RAM, drinking up copious amounts of it, slowing computers down.
But as time went by, browsers like Firefox have leaned down in response, but the memory footprint of Chrome seems to only have been going up, especially if you're a heavy user of web apps. However, Chrome is still a favorite to many including me for its simplicity, clean interface, and maintenance-free upgrades. (In fact, I had briefly switched to Firefox when Chrome killed custom extensions, but shortly after I went back to Chrome an…