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Microsoft and Google joins hands, Yahoo is out of the game!

Go to and type in "search" (yes that's right, type the word "search") and click on "I'm feeling lucky!"
You'll arrive at Windows Live Search. Now type in "search" in the Live Search page, and click the magnifying glass. You'll see that the very first result is Google!
As for Yahoo, it is the eighth result on Google's "search" results page and it doesn't even appear on Live's "search" results page!
Also try searching for "search" on!

Remove advertisements from Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger with Voice

To remove advertisements and other unwanted features from Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger, dowload A-Patch from here. You will be able to choose which features of Messenger to remove. By default none of the features will be removed, but during install, you will be provided with lists where you can choose.

Non-muslims (non-islams), just ignore the islam-related advertisements in
that website and the software you download. The use of the software does not
require you to convert to Islam religion at all! :P

For Yahoo! Messenger,
UPDATE: Disabling Ads in Yahoo! Messenger causes these features to malfunction: Yahoo! Chat, Plug-ins, IMVironments.
NOTE: If you use the Yahoo! Chat feature, add your favourite chat rooms to the favourite list. (Messenger > Yahoo! Chat > Favorite Rooms > Organize Favorites). Once you remove the ads you will not be able to access the full chat room list through "Messenger > Yahoo! Chat > Join a Room..." or "Organize Favorites"…

IMVU - The World's Greatest 3D Chat

Update: In memory of the Crocodile Hunter

Today I got another message from an MSN Messenger user:
It's been two days since Steve Irwin has died, and it's time we pay our last respects to Steve and his family by removing the turtle and the rose from the start of our MSN names, and placing a sun (# ) instead, to symbolise bravery will always be with us. Send this to all of your contacts, and keep Steve's family in your thoughts and praise through those difficult times. [May his soul] rest in peace.

I have a feeling that this maybe a hoax.

In memory of the Crocodile Hunter

"World-renowned Australian "crocodile hunter" and television environmentalist Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray Monday on the famed Great Barrier Reef, police said..."

Click here to read the full story.
If you use MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, please do what this message below says:

If you haven't heard already, Steve Irwin died today on the 4th of September, on the Barrier Reef, near Cairns... As a sign of respect for the Australian cultural icon, please place a turtle ( tu ) at the start of your nick name, and forward this message to others...

May his soul rest in peace.

Software I can't live without...

These softwares are must-have's for me:
7-Zip - Free, and clean (no adwares).Ares Galaxy- Download music, video, software, etc through P2P; thousand times faster than LimeWire!Audiograbber- Rip music from CD; full control over ripping options, for advanced users.AVG Free Edition Anti-Virus(Previously I used: Avast! Anti-Virus) - FREE FREE FREE! Norton can kiss my... (oops! sorry)Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)- No more "The connection with the server was reset!"Dvorak Assistant- The forgotten standard created specifically for computers, NOT typewriters!! -> www.dvzine.orgLavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal - Spywares, goodbye!Maxthon Browser(Maybe I can exclude this when they release IE7... maybe... maybe not!) - Nothing beats Maxthon! Not even the fox!Paint.NET- Throw that "MS Paint" in Recycle Bin!!PowerMenu- I want more Power over theWindows™. [Right click on any title bar after running this.]PrimoPDF- Totally free PDF printer, no ads!TweakUI PowerToy for Window…

Internet Explorer after Slimming Diet Plan

It seems like Internet Explorer, the built-in browser of Window operating system, had gone through slimming programs! You should check out the latest in the IE7 line, the pre-release RC1. Its very slim and sexy! I mean seriously it's sexy. Though it lacks some important features, it finally has the one special feature that was stealing its popularity by other software - Tabbed Browsing!

And the interface is very cleaned up having only a few important buttons as compared to BIG size toolbars full of buttons in the previous versions. Moreover the softwares like Maxthon Browser and Avant Browser have even more buttons in toolbars than Internet Explorer 6 by default. I really like this new IE, and I'm blogging this from IE7 RC1. So far the pre-release version has not caused any problem. (If you're not an experienced computer user, refrain from installing beta or pre-release software.)

People are already suggesting some important features missing, and I voted for them. I hope t…

Technology makes the world smaller? Not for everyone.

Technology makes the world smaller. True. When your father was studying overseas in his teenage years, to keep in touch with his parents, he had to write a letter, buy postage stamp, post it and wait weeks for the reply. Now when you study overseas, you can easily log in to your email account, and go to "Compose Mail" write and send, and the reply comes out within a few days, or sometimes within minutes. You can even chat with your parents in real time using one of the messenger services. Who knows? In the future you might be talking to a real-size holographic image of your son, while he talks to your holographic image overseas!

The world is becoming smaller, with every passing day. The distance is getting lesser and lesser an issue. To cross the desert, Israelites took years and years, but with aeroplanes we can cross the same desert in hours.

As technology is improving; parents, siblings, friends, all these people can keep in touch with each other in an easier and better way…