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Send SMS in Singapore through Internet

Whenever you want to send an SMS through Internet, it is always a better practice to send them through the website of the mobile service provider, whose connection the recipient is using.

When I searched for such pages on the Internet, I found these for Singapore:
StarHub: Click Here
This is a two-way service, and so the recipient can reply to your message.

SingTel: For one-way service, Click Here
You will not receive any reply.
For two-way service, Click Here
You will need to register an account before you can use this service.

M1: Click Here
This is also a one-way service (not sure though), but M1 customers need to activate Internet SMS before they can receive your messages. To activate, they need to send "Insms on" to "8888".

A ball of dough...

You are given a ball of dough.
You have three choices.
Choice 1:
Mould it into a small artefact that means something to you. Bake it so that it will never change its shape from being that beautiful artefact. Place it in your showcase where you have more similar beautiful artefacts.
Choice 2:
Flatten it and make it into a roti. Cook it in a pan and make a delicious gravy to accompany it. Eat it and relish it's taste.
Choice 3:
Crush it in your hand. Go to the nearest dustbin. Throw it in the dustbin.
Which will you choose to do?
Have you chosen what you will do with a ball of dough?
Have you?
Are you sure you won't regret your choice?
If you're sure you made the best choice...
... know that each new friend you make is a ball of dough in your hands.
You've made your choice. You can't change it now! - Virtual Operating System?

You should check out ! It's supercool.
Although the only purpose of it is functioning as a multi-protocol (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber and Google Talk) instant messenger, it looks more like an operating system in a browser window!
If Microsoft would take the same concept into action, they can create a real life Windows demo that would instantly run in the browser window through the latest and coolest web technology called AJAX!
Using this technology they can create live demos of their next operating systems in which demo users can click and explore what they want instead of staring at a screen of slides.
And they can have the real experience as though they already have the OS installed, although it's just a webpage!