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Getting rid of "search mobile online" browser hijack in Android

Update: The following was written for Android 2.x and is not in-line with Android 4.x and above. In latest Android, you have to look for "Application manager" in Settings (location differs from phone to phone), and clear cache/data for all your browsers (Internet, Chrome, Firefox, etc). Again be sure to backup your stuff or use some form of sync (like Google sign-in on Chrome or Firefox Sync) to save them.

Original post:

If your android browser has been hijacked and you find your home page and default home page have been changed to, follow the procedure to get rid of it.

Warning: Backup your browser bookmarks using a good app before you do this! All bookmarks will be lost from the Internet browser, including those that came pre-installed on your phone.

1. Remove any suspicious "Search" shortcut on your home screen panels.
2. Open Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All (tab on top).
3. Look for "Internet" in t…

Computer does not sleep

If your Windows computer can automatically run screensaver, turn off display and even hibernate when you manually put it to sleep, but it seems to never automatically sleep (standby), AND you have uTorrent running:
Open uTorrentClick Options > Preferences > GeneralUncheck "Prevent standby if there are active torrents."Click OK. This was really an epiphany for me as I had given up trying to solve the problem several days ago, then just today I stumbled upon that setting and remembered the problem I gave up on.