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Jumping Eclipse release train

So you have customized your Eclipse Helios (or whatever) installation, and now Eclipse Indigo or (recently) Eclipse Juno has been released. But you dread 'upgrading' your installation as you have to export all the customizations to the new release, transfer all plugins, etc, etc, and ensure everything works properly. Dread not, because you actually don't need to do any of these (well except the last thing).

One thing I noticed about Eclipse is that they never provided an official documentation on how to upgrade from (for examples) Helios to Indigo or Indigo to Juno. Everywhere I checked about upgrading Eclipse is vague, some even claiming that you should do what I just described (suggesting there's no other way than manual migration).

But Eclipse supports automatic upgrading and migration even if the development team is so sly about it. All you need to do is this: (I use Helios and Juno as examples - adjust accordingly.)

CAUTION: If you use Eclipse in mission-critical a…

Can't exit Toddler Lock on Android phone

Toddler Lock will lock your Android phone completely so you can give it to a baby or toddler to play with. The only danger from the kid is that it may throw your phone and break it. But other than that, the kid will not be able to damage the phone by unlocking it and messing with what's inside.

Here's the problem. The security of Toddler Lock is so tight that it would seem the only way to exit out of the app is to tap four corners of screen in a clockwise direction. (Note that you have to tap the four corners one after the other. Tap any corner, remove your finger, tag next corner in CW direction, remove your finger, and so on. Some people seem to think you need to hold all corners simultaneously which is wrong.) You may think a restart may also unlock it but even pulling out the battery for minutes (or perhaps hours) will not help. You will be stuck in Toddler Lock no matter what.

This is fine until my screen started having problems. Two of the four corners I had to touch to …