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Norton sucks - Get over it!

I can't believe normal people fall prey for all the nice packaging and advertisements those idiots at Symantec make for Norton Antivirus. They tell a white lie as though it's the ultimate truth, and people believe it just because it's advertised like "We have the BEST anti-virus on earth." while their product actually sucks to the maximum and is in fact the worst you can ever buy.1) Norton Antivirus is commonly known to slow down computers with their ridiculously designed slow code-base. If you buy a pretty modern normal computer, and try installing Norton on it, you'll notice that the computer slows down to being like a snail as soon as u get Norton installed.2) Norton heavily interferes with the proper functioning of not one, not two, but many popular programs, causing headaches to normal computer users who are not tech-savvy enough to understand what's really happening. This causes them to either blame the problem on the software, or the computer, or N…

Inactive Conversation

Ever seen this in Windows Live Messenger? I think this is something new:This conversation has been inactive and some participants will be removed.And then it randomly removes some participants, I think, until only one (excluding myself) is left.

Switching to Windows Live, despite my heavy criticism

I totally hated it when the newly introduced (Integrated) Windows Live Installer would simply not work in my computer. It would hang forever at "Checking for Windows Live programs in your computer." But a very kind guy saved the life of mine, and everyone else by uploading all the real installers onto a Live SkyDrive (ironically!). If the integrated installer doesn't work for you, you can get all the standalone installers by clicking here. You may need to sign in with your .NET Passport or Windows Live ID.Since the installers are named after the class IDs, here is a list to help you find the right one. Note that installing Sign-In Assistant maybe required for proper functioning of other Live programs.Sign-In Assistant: {CB5EA99C-8A5B-49F2-9A1A-2EF78BE4DB41} Mail: {EDB619FD-4E71-403C-8E99-DFC9CF9DD345} Messenger: {508CE775-4BA4-4748-82DF-FE28DA9F03B0} Photo Gallery: {AA436FBD-2595-479B-8DDE-E9C36F50D99D} Writer: {1F973A7F-3FE4-4D11-A9A2-E869C2899A7D} Toolbar: {C6876FE6-A3…