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Easier way to link your friends in your blog

My friends have been complaining about me not linking their blogs in my blog. I had decided not to link anyone because it involves editing the template for every addition or deletion of a link, which is not a convenient process. Namely, I have to log in to Blogger, choose the right blog, go to it's template HTML, scroll down and find the links, edit the HTML code and make sure everything is fine.Then I started thinking of ways to simplify this. First I thought of creating a separate page and storing it in an online server, then embedding it with IFRAME tag of HTML code. But I abandoned this idea since it makes the page dirty with a frame box, and may fail in certain situations. Moreover it still has the HTML coding.Then I thought of using the power of JavaScript. So I came up with this idea of a script that automatically creates the list of blogs that I want to link.First, you have to create the script. To make things simple, I have a template script, with which you can start off.…

Hey, why not send me a TXT through mobiK?

Hi Can you join me on mobiK? It's this site offering free TXT messaging. Once you register online - which is REALLY easy - then all our TXT's are free. Plus if you get anyone else to join, then those TXT's are free as well.The best thing is we can TXT from PC to mobile as well as between mobiles. It's really easy to use and takes about three minutes to sign up.Also, they have this deal - whenever you invite new members or get involved with their promotions, they give you some 'K' which you can exchange for all kinds of stuff at their online store.Click here to joinArunPS.SMS me soon okay? :) ~ADTCvisit | terms & conditions | privacy policy | contact us

What about UAC for restarting?

Vista needs permission for trivial stuff that the user already informs it that he/she wants to do. I had been using Vista on my friend's laptop for about half an hour, and I can tell you, I clicked "Continue" in the User Access Control dialog box at least 10 times.On the contrary, Vista does not permission to do something that I DON'T want it to do! Like a restart after installation of updates. Vista can give you warning any time of the day that it's going to restart in 5 minutes, and it DOES NOT need your permission to restart. Microsoft already gave it the permission! You have no choice but to save your work and close all stuff and either wait for the stupid timer to complete or click "Restart Now". There is no way you can cancel the restarting!Check this out: Tech Shakedown #4: Should Vista be able to force an unwanted reboot when it wants to?For now, I'll stick to XP, which is so much more easier to use than this 'Wow' junk. I hate being…