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Facebook Like button on Blogger blog

So how did I get that conspicuous Like button on all the posts in my blog?

Well it was pretty simple although I had to do a little bit of experimenting to get it work properly.
Go to the Like Button Facebook Developers page.In the section "Step 1 - Get Like Button Code", select/enter:URL to Like: (we will change this later!)Send Button: this is up to you. Check and uncheck to see the difference on right.Layout Style: button_count recommended, unless you have something else in mind.Show Faces: highly recommended to turn this off! Otherwise people who didn't set their privacy settings properly may be shocked and appalled to find their face on your blog.Width, Font, Color Scheme, Verb to display: leave as default (450, blank, light, like)Click on Get Code, then in the popup, click on XFBML at top. (You may use HTML5 but I recommend XFBML for more backwards compatibility). Note that you will have to copy code 1, 2 and 3 from here in later steps bel…