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One man's patience with Mac OS X on PC

I've always tried many flavours of Linux and pretty much know quite a lot of what anybody should know about Linux. But I never got to try Mac OS X because it uses a completely different computer architecture, isn't free, and would need me to buy a whole MacBook which would cost me the same as 2 Windows laptops...... until now!Yes, I finally got to experience Mac OS X right in my Tablet PC! Here, I will enumerate my experiences.Day 0First, I wanted to find a Mac OS X DVD ISO file. I got the latest version 10.5 from [sorry source cannot be mentioned]. It is nicknamed Leopard.Day 1I was hoping to try Mac on a virtual PC so that I can avoid having to deal with my hard disk and issues like that. Unfortunately... keep reading!I downloaded Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, created a new virtual machine, mounted the ISO and started up. Wow. Something is happening. The DVD is booting and files are being loaded.After about a minute or so of loading several files, *BOOM* Unrecoverable processor…