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Windows PC Scout

Here's a great Flash presentation by Microsoft where you can learn about laptop computers and what to look for when you shop for them. You will learn about the basics in choosing a laptop such as the processor, RAM and the hard disk. Well, the presentation is bent towards Windows 7 and Microsoft's own laptop shopping site. But nevertheless, you can gain a lot of knowledge about computers if you're a newbie, or check your understanding if you're an expert. The narrator is humorous so you can have some good laughs as well. Enjoy!

Note: At the end of the presentation, you will be re-directed to Microsoft's shopping website. Continue shopping, or click the Back button to return to the blog.

Click here to see the presentation in its own website (utilizes full window space) 

Remove tab bar in iGoogle

Just today, Google changed the tab bar position of iGoogle Singapore version from top to the left. I love Google for their simplicity and neatness. But to have tabs on the left side is such a bad choice. What's worse is that this is forced upon the users, with no option to return them to the top.

I only use iGoogle on my personal computer, in Firefox, therefore I found a solution that works for me. It's the Firefox Add-on called "iGoogle Tab Remover" and it works like a charm! To make use of its full functionality, you have to learn its various options and set them according to your preferences. However, you have to note that this add-on does not have a formal "Options" dialog, and its options should be accessed from iGoogle.