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Bored of reading stuff on the Internet?

Are you bored of reading stuff on the Internet? Especially with your eyes? Let your eyes rest while you let your ears... READ! That's right, you let your ears read... not listen, but read!

Say hi, to podcasts.

Well, contrary to popular belief, you don't need an iPod or any MP3 player. You don't need any special podcasting software. Podcast are shared as RSS feeds and almost any of the latest RSS readers can let you listen to them. Internet Explorer 7 has a built in RSS feed reader, and podcast have links to MP3 files of the podcasts. Clicking on them will open them in your favorite media player (Windows Media Player, for example). Maxthon, my favorite browser, embeds a small player on the bottom of it's built-in RSS feed reader which is effectively web-embed version of Windows Media Player.

The only reason you should be using a software dedicated to podcasts is that you need to download several feeds and store them in your MP3 player/iPod and listen to them when you jog, …

Windows Media Player 11

Recently I installed Windows Media Player 11.Notable differences from previous versions of Media Player:Windows Vista-style interface.Ability to automatically create playlist, sync list or burn list from your most favorite songs.Ability to learn your preferences from your use of the next button to skip tracks.Improved library view with albums, songs, photographs etc, shown in a spirally arranged way.Maximising does not display the normal Windows titlebar.Conveniently placed Play, Previous and Next buttons.Compact mode.Seperate repeat and shuffle buttons.EDIT: Ability to resume last played playlist, wherever it was stopped. Useful if you accidentally close WMP.That's about what I noticed, and it's more aesthetically pleasing. Go ahead! Launch WMP and click "Play Favorites". Skip the tracks you don't like. WMP learns from you.Click here to download Windows Media Player 11.