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Probably the fastest way to make screen clipping

If you have Microsoft Office OneNote installed, you have at your disposal the fastest way to create a screenshot of a specific region of the screen. The standard way of creating screenshots had two options:
PrintScreen (on your keyboard): Takes a screenshot of the entire screen.Alt-PrintScreen: Takes a screenshot of the active window. But when you want to take a screenshot of a custom defined region of the screen, you will have to either screenshot the entire screen and crop it in an image processing program, or use a special software such as "Snipping Tool" from Microsoft.

When using a software, you'll usually have to find it and run it (unless you have a quick-access shortcut or keyboard shortcut assigned to it), then command it to let you create a new screenshot. Such softwares usually also provide a preview of the screen clipping in addition to copying it to the clipboard. You will have to dispose of this preview once you have used the screen clipping.