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Smart Keyboard Pro - Malay Dictionary

Selamat datang ke blog saya!

If you own an Android phone and use Smart Keyboard (Trial or Pro)... and you want to send messages in Malay (yup, that's Bahasa Melayu), here's how to get a dictionary for it (Yea, there's no official dictionary, even for Bahasa Indonesia).

Save and automatically connect to an ad-hoc network in Windows 7

This could probably be the ULTIMATE solution! Post a comment if it has helped you!

With each new Windows version, Microsoft has unfortunately chosen to make life harder for people who use ad-hoc networks to connect computers together without the use of a middleman (the router). In Windows Vista, one could choose to save the ad-hoc network one is connecting to.

But with Windows 7, not only is there no way of connecting automatically (well actually there is a shortcut for that, as below), but now one cannot save an ad-hoc network that one is connecting to. (One can only save an ad-hoc network one is creating in the host computer.)

The biggest annoyance is that every time one connects to an ad-hoc network as a guest, one has to enter the password (network key) again. All of these problems can be solved with the steps below.