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The AdSense Insider

I've just been learning about Google AdSense which is a neat way of making some money online automatically with Google.

I got the info from someone called William Charlwood who runs a website about it.

He also runs an online course called The AdSense Insider which tells you how it works - that's where I learnt about it.

You can still get the course free.

If you're interested, all you need to do is go to and sign up.

Rx, BBC World - Thrice daily!

Rx, BBC World - Thrice daily!
I highly recommend BBC World! Its not a 24-hour news channel, although it is supposed to be! It has got mindboggling programs for computer geeks, car lovers, scientists, naturalists, movie freaks, travellers or the plain you that is just curious about the world! Now-a-days, the only English channel I watch is BBC!

Recently "Click Online" presented a review of podcasting, some websites like, and, and of the data network that was built into your house 20 years before the computer was invented! - your power cables! []

You can sign-up for brief snapshots of upcoming programs at the BBC World E-newsletter site or get the entire schedule for 15 days at the BBC World TV Listings Site

Check out my results!

Check out the results of all the tests I took in till 06/09/2005 (mm/dd/yyyy).

DateShared TestsMy Score06/09/05Tickle's Original Inkblot TestCuriosity06/09/05Right Job/Wrong JobCreative06/08/05What's Your Mobile Style?Cool and Collected06/08/05The Just Between Friends TestZen Friend06/08/05What Kind of Friend Are You?Sympathetic Sidekick06/08/05How Sinful Are You?Pride06/08/05Which Emoticon Are You?Brainiac04/24/05Gender IdentityBalanced gender focus04/24/05Ayurveda Body Type TestKapha04/24/05What Are You Afraid Of?moving forward04/18/05The Classic IQ TestVisual Mathematician05/07/04The Religion TestChristianity05/07/04The 5-Factor IPIP Personality TestAgreeable05/07/04Where Do You Find Love?Secret Crush05/07/04What Kind of Troublemaker Are You?Entertaining Mischief-Maker01/09/04The Ultimate Personality TestRock Star01/02/04What's Your Style Profile?Chic and Sleek12/21/03The Sex IQ TestAverage10/28/03What Kind of Shopper Are You?Savvy Shopper10/28/03What'…


Check out the new newspaper style of my blog!
Also check out the Web Explorer tool in the left side.
Okay, I know I am not supposed to brag about these, but hey will I really get busted?

Excellent Aptitudes

Just a quick post.

I recently took the aptitude tests and got the results that I have excellent aptitudes in all fields. It seems I'm in the top 10% of all those who took the tests! The lowest percentile score is 75 and the highest is 99. As the people in the test centre recommended, I am going to start going for IIT coaching and try to write the next year's JEE. "Why go for a diploma [in Singapore] when you can go for a degree?" they asked. I think they are right.

God bless me!

By the way, I updated my Webmarks list. Link to it is on the left side (Hyperlinks section).