Friday, June 10, 2005

Check out my results!

Check out the results of all the tests I took in till 06/09/2005 (mm/dd/yyyy).

DateShared TestsMy Score
06/09/05Tickle's Original Inkblot TestCuriosity
06/09/05Right Job/Wrong JobCreative
06/08/05What's Your Mobile Style?Cool and Collected
06/08/05The Just Between Friends TestZen Friend
06/08/05What Kind of Friend Are You?Sympathetic Sidekick
06/08/05How Sinful Are You?Pride
06/08/05Which Emoticon Are You?Brainiac
04/24/05Gender IdentityBalanced gender focus
04/24/05Ayurveda Body Type TestKapha
04/24/05What Are You Afraid Of?moving forward
04/18/05The Classic IQ TestVisual Mathematician
05/07/04The Religion TestChristianity
05/07/04The 5-Factor IPIP Personality TestAgreeable
05/07/04Where Do You Find Love?Secret Crush
05/07/04What Kind of Troublemaker Are You?Entertaining Mischief-Maker
01/09/04The Ultimate Personality TestRock Star
01/02/04What's Your Style Profile?Chic and Sleek
12/21/03The Sex IQ TestAverage
10/28/03What Kind of Shopper Are You?Savvy Shopper
10/28/03What's Your Lucky Charm?Rabbit's Foot
06/06/03How Do You Connect?The Recreational Talker
05/02/03The Brainteaser Test24
05/02/03What's Your Media Mojo?The Wheeler Dealer
05/02/03What's Your Destiny?Facilitator
05/02/03What's Your Romantic Fantasy?Breakfast in Bed
05/02/03What's Your True Talent?Spatial Ability
04/29/03Career Personality TestENFJ
04/29/03The ESP TestRemote Viewing
04/29/03The Ideal Sexual Partner TestType 1
04/29/03Where Are You Most at Home?Bedroom
04/17/03Discover Your Sexual PersonalityOmega
04/17/03The Happiness TestCheerfulness
12/27/02What's Your Lucky Number?Five
12/27/02The Power QuotientFearless
12/27/02The Brain TestRight-brained
12/27/02What Kind of Kisser Are You?Bashful Kisser
12/27/02What Kind of Sexy Are You?Hot 'n' Sexy
DateOther TestsMy Score
06/08/05What Type of Flirt Are You?Subtle
01/09/04The Wedding Date PredictorTotal Opening Soon
10/28/03The Dot-Com TestDot-com Middle High
10/28/03Are You Evil?Evil Middle Low
10/28/03Are You Millionaire Material?Millionaire Material Medium High
05/02/03The Body Image TestBody Image High
05/02/03Are You Sure You're You?Your Identity Lower Middle
05/02/03Are You a Healthy Eater?Total Middle
04/29/03What's Your Superpower?Speed
04/29/03Tickle's Handwriting AnalysisSlant Lines Straight2
12/27/02Do You Have a Sixth Sense?Intuitive Medium High

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