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The Dragon (or the over-blown-up balloon?)

If you keep blowing air into a balloon, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. But how big can it ever get? How would you solve the problem of the walls getting thinner and weaker? And lastly, how big do you want it to be?Apparently, HP decided to literally blow up a notebook computer. They nicknamed it "The Dragon" and that name matches very well. 20.1" widescreen (WSXGA+ 1680×1050) display. You know how big that is? I saw this notebook for real, and was asking myself, "Is this a desktop or a laptop?"And about getting bigger means weaker, well there are only limited number of units available for sale, because they knew only the elite and strong would buy such an expensive (SG$ 5,999.00) and heavy (6.94kg) notebook PC.Description and specifications are in the second picture below. For detailed specifications, visit HP Pavilion website (click here).
Price is in Singapore Dollars, approx. US$ 4,145.24