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Hide or remove Search box in Internet Explorer 7

People like me, would like to have a long address bar. People like me, won't EVER use the search box of IE7 regularly. If you are one among people like me, and want to hide or remove that search box that you never use, and is therefore taking up valuable space, here is how to do it! Close all instances of Internet Explorer 7 before doing this. (You may need to copy this information below to Notepad before doing so.)
EDIT: Towards the end, there is valuable information about how to disable the annoying Security Risk message.

Click Start > Run.
Paste the following line in the Run box.

REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\InfoDelivery\Restrictions" /V NoSearchBox /T REG_DWORD /F /D 1

Click OK.

Direct way:
Click Start > Run
Type regedit and click OK.
Navigate to the following folder:
My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\InfoDelivery\Restrictions
If you cannot find InfoDelivery and/or Restrictions folder, crea…

E-mail, E-news

Well, G-news, to be more specific. This is what the latest introduction from Google Labs should be called as. But, they named it, the "Google Reader".

Are you the kind of guy who finds out a new blog, pledges about visiting it every day, bookmarks it, and forgets about it the very next day? Then fear not! Google Reader is here to help!

"But hey why Google Reader? Why not some other reader software?"


Google Reader's interface is very much similar in structure to G-mail. So reading your RSS feeds in Google Reader would be more like reading your regular mail. (This requires you to turn on the "List View", but don't worry, it's permanent change, and just a click away.) Unread items are white, read items are grayed out. You can star items and apply labels to them.

Google Reader is web based. So you can read your RSS feeds on any computer connected to the Internet, just as with G-mail.

Google Reader has podcast support. And videos (like YouTube…

Blogger Beta

Have you upgraded your Blogger account to the new Blogger Beta? If not, you're missing out on these:

Linking with Google (Gmail) unified account. You don't need to remember your Blogger account details any more. You will be signing into Blogger using your Google account.

On the fly serving. Now the pages are no longer "published" as they used to be. Blogger Beta simply stores a database of your posts and everything, and when someone requests a page, Blogger creates it on demand and gives it them. You'll notice the difference when you have lots of posts. Previously, making a template change required you to republish, and that would take lot of time. Now there is no more republishing. A change in template is reflected immediately after the template is saved.

Layout. You can replace your template with the new layout system, which allows you to edit your layout directly rather than messing up with the HTML code behind it. Note that upgrading to layout requires you to lo…

Microsoft Office 2007

I'm blogging this from Microsoft Word 2007. It's got blogging capability and supports several blog providers like Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, SharePoint Blog, Community Server, TypePad, and WordPress. There is also an Others option with which you can post to a provider which is not available in the list. The latest feature of Microsoft Office is the sparkling new Ribbon. This replaces all the toolbars that were prevalent in the previous versions, with a one inch tall bar which can be changed according to the type of operations you do. There are tabs above the ribbon, and additional tabs appear as you work with certain objects. The tabs categorize the buttons, and only one tab can be open at a time. This helps reduce clutter, yet keep the most used functions of Word easily accessible. Excel and Powerpoint follows the same method.
Another new feature about the 2007 Office System is the new file format. But Microsoft took a bad decision to force the format onto the users. The de…