Monday, December 18, 2006

Blogger Beta

Have you upgraded your Blogger account to the new Blogger Beta? If not, you're missing out on these:

Linking with Google (Gmail) unified account. You don't need to remember your Blogger account details any more. You will be signing into Blogger using your Google account.

On the fly serving. Now the pages are no longer "published" as they used to be. Blogger Beta simply stores a database of your posts and everything, and when someone requests a page, Blogger creates it on demand and gives it them. You'll notice the difference when you have lots of posts. Previously, making a template change required you to republish, and that would take lot of time. Now there is no more republishing. A change in template is reflected immediately after the template is saved.

Layout. You can replace your template with the new layout system, which allows you to edit your layout directly rather than messing up with the HTML code behind it. Note that upgrading to layout requires you to lose all changes you made to your previous template. You'll have to manually add all the extras back on the layout. Blogger will save a copy of your template when you upgrade.

Labels: See below and you'll find labels for this post. This is one feature which Blogger had been lacking for a long time. Many other blogging website provided labelling system by default. Only now, is Blogger able to provide the same.

There are others like a new Dashboard, etc. Upgrade and you'll notice the difference.

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