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Make Samsung DVD-C350 region-free

Update 2: An anonymous commentator has shown me a way to make Region 1 players (such as DVD-H1080R) region-free by first converting it to Region 3, then applying my region-free hack below. For details, click here or look for a comment by an Anonymous user dated 18 April 2011.

Update: The instructions in the original post below did not make the DVD player region-free. Instead it only locked it to region 1. Many thanks to Anonymous who posted the first comment on this post, I now have alternate instructions. Note: If you have edited the numbers menu (see original post), I suggest you return it to the original settings you had backed up. A modified numbers menu may prevent the instructions below from working properly.

  • Make sure there is no disc in the player.
  • Turn on the player (you can use remote control or front panel, it doesn't matter)
  • Wait for "No Disc" message to appear on the TV screen.
  • Press the Repeat button on remote (plain, not A-B).
  • Press the correct sequence of buttons of remote according to the original region code of your player (it's on the sticker on the back panel of the player). FF = fast forward, FR = fast rewind.
    • Region 2 players: FF, FR, FF, UP, DOWN
    • Region 3 players: FF, PLAY, FR, UP, LEFT
    • Region 4 players: FR, PLAY, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT
    • Region 5 players: FF, UP, DOWN, STOP, RIGHT
    • Region 6 players: LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, PLAY, LEFT
  • If you pressed the correct sequence, a small white number 0 will appear somewhere on the top right of the screen. The white number 0 of the same font and size as the "No Disc" message, so don't confuse with the red "not allowed" sign that would appear when you press a function that's not available.
  • Turn the player off and on again, then you can pop in a DVD of any region and watch immediately.
I have found DVD discs of three regions to work without any problems: region 1, 3 and 6. I will test other regions when I can, but I think they should work as well.

Unfortunately I don't have a sequence for originally region 1 players. I read somewhere that region 1 players cannot be made region-free, so I'm not sure. You can try all the sequences above or comment in on a sequence you know works.

The above instructions could also work for DVD-C350K, DVDC360, DVD-C450 and DVD-C450K since they're in same series. A commentator reported that it also works for DVD-H1080R region 5 player.
    Original Post: I have a Samsung DVD-C350 that's locked to region 3, and I wanted to play a region 1 disc. After trying everything I could find, I discovered that this works:

    Instructions removed. Please see update above.

    You will get a menu full of numbers.** I don't know what any of the numbers mean but taking clues from instructions available for H1080 and H1080R DVD players (links 1, 2), I highlighted all numbers from 1 to 9. I did not modify any numbers from 10 onwards. Use arrow buttons and Enter button to highlight or unhighlight numbers.

    ** NOTE: I recommend you backup the original highlights in the numbers menu by noting it down on the back of the player's manual or some place safe. You may want to revert to the original settings when you want to send the device for warranty or if something goes wrong.

    Instructions removed. Please see update above.
      This worked for my region 1 disc and my C350 DVD player played it like a piece of cake! I'm not sure if the above arrangement of highlights will work for other regions,* but the instructions I found says it will make the player region-free. Post a comment and let me know what works for you!

      * See update above.

      Blog entry Original post has also been posted as comment on "How To Unlock Region Zones On A DVD Player".


      1. I found the following information for Samsung DVD-P191 that should also work for samsung DVD-C350:

        For my RC2-player worked the following:

        1. Turn player on with without disc in tray.
        2. Wait until "no disc" appears on TV screen
        3. Press "repeat" (not "repeat A-B"!) on remote.
        4. Press in sequence following keys:
        Region 2 players: FF, FR, FF, UP, DOWN
        Region 3 players: FF, PLAY, FR, UP, LEFT
        Region 4 players: FR, PLAY, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT
        Region 5 players: FF, UP, DOWN, STOP, RIGHT
        Region 6 players: LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, PLAY, LEFT

        Number "9" must appear in upper left corner of TV screen,
        that means that sequence was successful and player is now
        region free.
        If it does not appear turn repeat from beginning.

        After successful sequence turn player off and on again just in case.

      2. Thank you Anonymous! I have updated my original post. The number that appeared on my player is '0', not '9'. Perhaps you had a typo, but it's alright, because thanks to you, my player is now region-free!

      3. Does anyone know the codes for a REGION 1 player?? I have one I bought in USA and want to make region free.... Any ideas?

      4. thank you so much. my dvd worked!

      5. Hi

        ADTC tried your method and got the "0' in top right corner thinking I was pretty clever. Turned player off and on and it now won't play any zone DVD that I have.

        Have tried repating but now it has been set when I try pressing the sequence above, I get the red not allowed sign which did not come up the first time. Have I stuffed up my DVD Player or is it retrievable?


      6. I'm sorry to hear that your DVD player has been fried. I hope you followed my updated instructions (not original post), and that you have selected the correct key sequence according to the region your player is for.

        Have you tried DVDs for all the zones from 1 to 6? How about a region-free DVD? Which region is your player originally set for?

        I only know that the key sequence for region 3 works because I have a region 3 player. I don't guarantee other regions but I have seen these key sequences in several website on the Internet. And I assume you don't have a region 1 player because I don't have a sequence for it.

        You could search around for some help about your situation, or just take it in for warranty service. They will flash the ROM of the player and set it to your region code.

      7. Thanks

        Used the updated one for region 4. After the '0' comes up is there nothing else to do but turn on and off. No need to press "9"?


      8. There is nothing else to do, just turn off (front panel) and turn back on. No need to press anything.

        You have not answered my questions.

      9. What player model do you have? This may not work with other models.

      10. the blog posted above to unlock the samsung dvd players worked absolutely fine with me for unlocking region 5 dvd player. I have a Samsung DVD-H1080R region 5 player and it is now completely unlocked for all regions.

      11. This works for Samsung C370 DVD player available in India as well

        Just tried yesterday.. Thanks..

      12. Hi ADTC,

        I have a Samsung P191 DVD player. My player is in Region 3. I tried the method and I have a 9 on top left, player was OFF and ON but now it doesnt play any disc.

        Do u have the orginal code (Grid settings) for Region 3?

        I did not write downt he codes, I cannot even revert it back to its original now. :-(

        PLsssssssssssssss HElp!!!!!

      13. I hope you have read my post fully and understood well. My original post involved changing grid settings, but this did not make the player region-free. My update to the post does not involve changing grid settings. It does not change the grid in any way.

        Also, you must get a white 0 on top right, not a 9 on top left. Another thing is your player is P191. I don't know if the player uses the same sequence to become region-free as C350. You must do more research on that.

        If you have changed the codes, here's what my player shows (original codes): Highlight 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 19, 21 & 22. All others upto 24 remain unhighlighted, and 25 to 32 remain disabled.

      14. Thanks heaps!!
        We are given gifts of DVDs from different countries (UK and US), but couldn't watch them at home (Aus)(except on our computer). With your simple instructions my kids can watch them all on our TV.
        Once again thanks.

      15. wowww!!!! thanks soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I have the Samsung DVD-C360 (I'm in region 4)
        and it worked for mine too.
        I'm so happy now, thanks again :)

      16. unlock code for samsung dvd c-350 region 4 worked with no problems. thanks.

      17. so a region 1 player cant be made region free?? i can get the grid to work so can change it back and forth between region 1 and 2....its just a bit of a pain to have to do it all the time!

      18. hey anon (latest one), i just have this idea how you can make region 1 player region-free. try it and post the results.

        Basically, use the grid to switch your player to region 2.
        Then, use the region 2 sequence above (FF, FR, FF, UP, DOWN) to make it region-free.
        Test whether it works with discs of all regions (at least three different regions). Hope it does!

      19. Hey ADTC...

        I think we need the sequence for region one...I just tried what you said (Use the sequence for region 2) it didn't gave me a Red circle with a line though it...I'm desperate here...I'm looking for the region 1 sequence online...I already took back two DVDs players because I was unable to change the settings. I don't think I can take them back without raising suspicion.

      20. Go for a holiday, buy a player from another region, come back to USA, hack it to region-free, enjoy! Hehe..

        Apparently, region 1 players cannot be made region-free. Anyway I was suggesting to the other person to first edit the numbers menu to change the player from region 1 to region 2, then attempt the key sequence for region 2.

        I think you didn't do the first part. (See the link in "Original post has also been posted as comment on "How To Unlock Region Zones On A DVD Player"." to know how to do it.)

      21. thanks a lot
        the hack worked for samasung DVD-C370

      22. Can confirm (as for the other anonymous) it worked for a region 4 DVD-C350: this one boiught in Aust.

      23. Hi,
        I have a Samsung C350 in region 3 but need to tune to region 1.
        Appreciate anyone who can offer help.


      24. Just make it region-free! Then you can play region 1, region 3 and any other region without further tweaking.

      25. This fix worked for my C450...But after this, the usb port on the player seems to have got disabled.

        Has anyone faced this there any way we can get it working again....??

        U doing a fantastic job ATDC...Appreciate ur efforts!!!

      26. Thanks for posting this! It worked for my C350 Region 4 DVD Player..

        very much appreciated!!

      27. i need unlock code of dvd c-360 Region 4, can you help me?
        thank you
        Ana MarĂ­a

      28. Worked like a charm for me. Thanks very much!

      29. Thanks a lot ATDC!

        The manufacturer's code you posted worked perfect for me to make my region 2 (bought in Turkey) Samsung dvd-c350/xtr REGION FREE!!

        Apparently, manufacturers hate the DVD Copy Control Association's region-code enforcement as much as we do!! So they leak a factory code that would easily negate it!

        Way to go!

        And down with all those greedy movie studios!!

      30. I have htc350 dvd player region 4 and it doesnt seem to work- once it goes to "no disc" after powering on with no disc in tray it gets stays on menu and then pressing FR, Play, down, down and right (you mean arrows on remote keypad?) it just scrolls through on screen menu- music, photos and then on settings and nothing happens, what am I doing wrong please?

      31. Do you mean this player:

        It's a completely different unrelated model! The instructions in the blog post are for DVD-C350 and related models.

        Yes, the buttons are to be pressed on the remote control. And in your process you seem to have forgotten to press the Repeat button (plain, not A-B) before pressing the button sequence for region 4. Maybe you can try again.

      32. Samsung always has world class acessories. I luv their LED TV. They are always ahead in tech, Galaxy 2 is very awesome and i have it. :D ,.... I am totally a samsung freak :D..

      33. I bought a R1 C350 from Walmart and just set it free. I can confirm that it is possible.

        I followed the steps as suggested - programmed it to move to R2 from R1, and then from R2 to R0 (full details are at the bottom of the following post:

        I experienced some problems, as with others in this post, with the red "do not enter" sign coming up, but with some repetitive perseverance it eventually complied (I think it may have been simply holding the remote too close to the player, and punching in the keys too quickly).

      34. Hi. Regarding unlocking of the Samsung HT-C350.
        Go to this site:

        The instructions are (from the above website):

        1. Remove disc from tray.
        2. Switch off player and unplug from mains.
        3. Wait 30 seconds, then reconnect mains.
        4. Turn on player with remote. Wait for player to finish loading and display 'no disc'.
        5. Press enter on remote. (There will be no on-screen response.)
        6. Press 8, 4, 2, 6, 9 on the remote. (There will be no on-screen response.)
        7. Press enter on the remote. Player will automatically shut off.
        8. Turn player on. (NOT FROM REMOTE)
        9. turn off. (NOT FROM REMOTE)
        10. Turn player off then on again. (Maybe you can try 2 ways turn on and off and on again and just turning on)
        11. Player is now region-free.

        It does work. Or, at least, it worked with mine.


      35. Thanks, ADTC, I got my Samsung DVD-350 region 2 player today and had it region free as easy as nothing with your updated instructions. Confirmed working fuzz-free with region 1, 2 and 3 discs.


      36. Thanks a lot ADTC ! my Samsung c 350 region 2 player is zone free now ! Region 1 is working (I didn't tried my region 3 dvds yet but i'll do soon).

      37. Thanks, this is very helpful!! My dvd player Samsung P191K used to play both region 2 and 3. Suddenly it only played region 3 dvds. Now it's working again!

      38. Hi

        I have tried following the instructions for making my Samsung C350 DVD Player region free but I cannot get it to work, my player was made in Indonnesia but I am using it in Australia

        Any ideas Pleasssssssssee??

      39. Well I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it's the correct model and you have followed the instructions correctly. Try again.

      40. hi,
        we have a samsung P190/XAA DVD player from region 1 (bought in the US). we tried using the hack from which was

        -fast rewind (below the DISC MENU)
        -next chapter (above the RETURN)
        -fast forward (below the ZOOM)
        -previous chapter (right above the MENU)

        but it didn't work. do you think you could please help us.


      41. You're supposed to get a table full of numbers and highlight/unhighlight them. But there could be a million combinations of the highlighted numbers, it's hard to test what each one does.

        You should look for other ways to unlock your player. You could try the method on my blog post, but there is no guarantee that it will work for your player. Keep Googling!

      42. Cant get my region 4 code back into my samsung dvd-c350 and have missplaced my written code. Please help me someone

      43. Hey, ADTC I got my Region 1 one Samsung DVD-H1080R to play region 3 dvds and I got the zero to show up. can I post this up here?

      44. ^^^
        "Hey, ADTC I got my Region 1 one Samsung DVD-H1080R to play region 3 dvds and I got the zero to show up. can I post this up here?"


        Yes please post it up. Im thinking of getting the Samsung DVD-H1080R Upconverting DVD Player here in the USA.

        But I dont see any succesful codes from getting the Region 1 player here to play Region 2 or Multi Region. The ones Ive seen posted are all Region 2 players to Multi Region.

        Any help is appreciated.

      45. Samsung DVD-H1080R

        Hi ADTC, I found this here actually. You were the one that released your region 3 grid number, and I tried the the list of unlock sequence on the top of this page.

        The way to do it is:
        1.Access Region Grid: turn on your player without any CD/DVD in tray, wait for screen to display 'no disk', Press the following in sequence on the remote - repeat (without A-B), fast rewind, next chapter, fast forward, previous chapter, play

        2. Change Region: Input the region 3 code - 2,3,4,5,7,8,10,19,21,22 and press play to save. Restart player if it doesn't restart. I would try to double check that player is still in Region 3 by accessing grid again.

        3. Change Region 3 to Multi Region: turn on your player without any CD/DVD in tray, wait for screen to display 'no disk', Input the following sequence on the remote - Repeat (without A-B), Fast Rewind, Play, Down, Down, Right.

        4. The top right corner should show a number 0 which is an indicator that it's REGION FREE.

        Notes: I found out that after I turned it to multi region, I can not redo and make the number 0 to come back out again. So multi region is a one time deal.

        The other thing that I found out, but probably never noticed, was that in the player settings (menu > Display Setup Page > TV System) you have the option to chose: NTSC or PAL. If 'TV System' is an option on all Samsung DVD-H1080R settings menu then it would be alright to unlock it using another region. That means theoretically people with NTSC TV can do it using the Region 2 way:

        1. connect your Region 1 H1080R to TV using RCA cable (HDMI can not output PAL in any way, that's why you got to use RCA)

        2. turn on your player without any CD/DVD in tray, wait for screen to display 'no disk', Press the following in sequence on the remote - repeat (without A-B), fast rewind, next chapter, fast forward, previous chapter, play

        3. Input Region 2 code: 2,7,9,10,19,21, press play to save.

        4. After restarting the player the screen will be in gray color. Access player settings (menu > Display Setup Page > TV System) in 'TV System' change PAL to NTSC, then your screen should be back to normal. If 'TV System' is not an option. You should stop and put your Region Grid Back to its original numbers. If everything is fine then proceed.

        5. Change Region 2 to Multi Region: turn on your player without any CD/DVD in tray, wait for screen to display 'no disk', Input the following sequence on the remote - Repeat (without A-B), Fast Forward, Fast Rewind, Fast Forward, Up, Down.

        6. The top right corner should show a number 0 which is an indicator that it's REGION FREE.

        Region Grid number list for DVD-H1080R

        R1 - 3,7,9,19,21 (VERIFIED)
        R2 - 2,7,9,10,19,21 (VERIFIED)
        R3 - 2,3,4,5,7,8,10,19,21,22 (VERIFIED)
        R4 - 1,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,13,15,19,21 (NOT VERIFIED)
        ...I Dont know R5-R8
        Updating Firmware...I did this long before I made the player Region Free. Don't know if this was a key ingredient. Oh well.

        1. Download firmware for your player from's Download Center. If you don't know your model number, please look on the bottom of your player.

        2. Rename file to H1080A.BIN (it has to exactly like this)

        3. copy file to empty thumb drive.

        4. Insert thumb drive in USB port behind H1080R player.

        5. Turn on the player and the rest is history.
        If anyone find that this works for them too then please reply here.

      46. ^^^ Thanks so much for the info. I will try it if i do decide to go with the Samsung H1080R.

        Im confused about the second portion. With connecting RCA instead of HDMI because it doesnt output PAL.

        That was the sole purpose of me purchasing the Samsung H1080R player from the USA (Region 1). Was to view Region 2 DVDs which come in PAL in upconverted 1080p video using HDMI.

        But if I cant do that, I might as well go with another player that can do that. So HDMI wont output PAL? Does that apply on this player or any player?

      47. I looked a bit into the issue, and it looks like calling HDMI signals to be PAL or NTSC to be mostly meaningless, but still your player must be able to read PAL signals and convert them to HDMI digital signals with PAL features. And your TV should be able to process this HDMI digital signal that is imitating PAL signals.


        I think what the other commentator means is that the Samsung player is not able to convert PAL to HDMI but I believe he is mistaken as a modern player should be able to do this simple task. You may want to Google this up a bit more for more knowledge and to check if anyone else with the player you want has reported this problem.

      48. I can also confirm that a Samsung H1080R (Region 1) bought in the US can be Multi Region.

        I used the third post above, second portion. I turned it to Region 2 first, then to Multi Region. Everything seems to be working on my NTFC tv.

        On a side mode instead of upgrading the firmware I downgraded, it was too late when I noticed that I was downgrading before I could stop it. Now I wonder theres a way to do a factory restore, anyone know or has been succesful doing so?

      49. Thanks worked on my region4 samsung dvd player c350 to 0 region
        You guys are legends A+++++

      50. It worked!!! Thank you so much!!

      51. Hi ADTC, I noticed Aaron was commenting on my PAL/NTSC part of the instructions for H1080R. I just want a chance to explain. When you set the grid to a specific region by default the player will output to that country's specific field rate (NTSC = 60hz, PAL = 50hz). So if you use the the Region 2=PAL method, you can play DVDs' from any region but using PAL field rate unless you change it through player settings menu.

        Now what if you have an NTSC HDTV and using region 2 method? You won't see anything through HDMI after successfully changing from Region 1 to Region 2 because the player will output PAL field rate but your TV HDMI input was meant for NTSC field rate.

        Next question is why won't it show an image through HDMI? Simple because your HDTV w/HDMI is just like a computer monitor screen, if you set it to the wrong refresh rate/hz or screen resolution it will be blank/black screen. Unless your TV is freaky.

        So why use the RCA cable to output PAL field rate to NTSC RCA input? because RCA is more forgiving and will take anything is thrown at it even if it doesn't look right. This will give you a chance to accessed the player settings to: revert back, or change it to output NTSC, or completed the region free procedure and then change to NTSC.

        So if I complete the region 2 method to use on my NTSC TV, what does that make it? This means you have a region 2 player that can play any region DVD set to output NTSC field rate. highly customized!

        So Anon, how do I avoid all the hassle? Just do the region 3 method. Region 3 is NTSC, so you don't have to do all the additional stuff.

      52. Hi we have Samsung DVD C350 and it stopped playing VCDs...any tips?


      53. Hi I have a Samsung C350XAA dvd region-free player. It works fine, but with a dvd-r downloaded in Europe, the content displays on the screen without responding to the enter button. How can I make this play? Various attempts at creating a firmware update cd-r have been unsuccessful, and recently viewed comments make me wonder if using such is, in fact, advisable. I use the player for PAL discs and newer NTSC ones that the older player will not accept. Thanks for your suggestions.

      54. Hi, I have a Samsung C350XSA. Does anybody know the original Grid Numbers? a friend changed it to another region and I can't go back to the original.


      55. Hi ADTC, I have Samsung H-1080R DVD player. I have able to see the below sequence after using
        fast rewind
        next chapter
        fast forward
        previous chapter

        Sequence Number I see is 1 3 4 5 7 9 10 19 21.

        I want to know as to how I would like to know as to how I would be able to convert my DVD player it to a multi region free player?

        Should I select all the numbers to make it a multi region player?

        Please help



      56. Rupender, please try this as well as make sure you read and understand my original post including updates.

        1. Hi, thanks for the instructions, it worked on my Samsung C450!!! BUT - when I play discs from other regions than the original, the TV screen turns into black and white mode - any idea why that is happening and what to do about it? Of course it is better than nothing at all, but still... Thanks again!

        2. You sure you're not watching Black and White movies? :D Try another TV and see if that helps. Also check the settings of your DVD player if they are set properly. NTSC/PAL setting may make a difference. Sorry I'm unable to help you further.

        3. Haha, yes, I´m sure:) I thought it might be the TV as this one is an old thing... will try and post the result. Thanks, ADTC:)

      57. ADTC, you rock. I got this Samsung from costco in Australia, and had read on the net it was region free (Aussie DVD players are MEANT to be region free but often aren't). Went to play my new Dexter series from the US tonight, and got a thing I'd never seen, "wrong region". ARGH! Your Region 4 machine instructions worked. The little 0 in the corner is tiny, but I was glad to see it! Thank you, watching Dexter now. Good karma to you.

      58. Samsung is one of the South Korean mobile phone vendor successful homeland Smartphone market with phones like the Samsung Galaxy. Check Harga Samsung Galaxy.


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