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Photofiltre – Powerful, free and portable

Are you looking for a feature-rich free image editor software that is also portable? Look no further, because we have Photofiltre.It is powerful. It’s a freeware for non-commercial use. And it can be made portable in a few simple steps. Not only that, there are some features that Photofiltre gives that I even couldn’t get in Paint.NET. Two such features I discovered are:Complete control of placement of the photo on a sheet of paper while printing, including automatic centering and original size (according to dpi). Paint.NET only gives us a choice of templates and does not give good control over how you want the photo to be placed on the paper.“Paste Special > Assemble” which makes it easy to stitch images together. I used to do this in Paint.NET the hard way, but with Photofiltre, it’s as easy as cake.Paint.NET remains my primary image editing freeware as Photofiltre has a steeper learning curve compared to the earlier. But Photofiltre serves as a secondary editor when I’m out trav…