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My Dream Machine: The SEXIEST Laptop Ever!

Alienware Area-51® m7700 Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 670 Desktop Processor w/ HT Technology 3.8GHz 800MHz FSB 2MB
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 2
Holiday Notebook Bundle: Performance (Logitech X530, Sennheiser PC150 Headphones, Razor Diamondback Mouse) - Save 15%
Warranty: 1-Year AlienCare Toll-Free 24/7 Phone Support with Onsite Service
Video Card: 256MB NVidia® GeForce™ Go 7800 GTX
LCD Display: 17" WideUXGA 1920 x 1200 LCD Clearview Display with Built-in Camera
Motherboard: Intel® 915P PCI-Express Chipset
Memory: 3GB Dual Channel DDR2 SO-DIMM at 533MHz - 2 x 512MB / 2 x 1024MB
Hard Drive: Single Drive Configuration - 100GB 7200 RPM ATA100
Portable Storage : Western Digital® Dual-Option 250GB External Drive
Primary CD ROM/DVD ROM: 8X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW / 24X CD-RW Combo w/Software
Secondary CD ROM/DVD ROM: 8X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW / 24X CD-RW Combo w/Software
TV Tuner: Alienware® m7700 Mini PCI TV Tuner
Blank Media: Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R 700 MB 5…

Does God Exist Scientifically - All About GOD

Does God Exist Scientifically - All About GOD: "What do science and technology truly say about the age of our earth"

You gotta read this amazing stuff. Evolution is getting DISPROVED. More and more evidences are being discovered which point to Creation. After corrections to radiometric dating, the age of earth is calculated to be 5680 +/- 2000 years! That is, earth existed from 3680 B.C. Click the link above and start reading this cool stuff that will go totally against what you learnt in school textbooks!

Article by a porn star

It's my prayer that everytime you are tempted to look at porn, you remember these words.
I want to warn you. You may never be the same after you read this. In fact, I pray you are not.

The Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn

You can read more about her amazing story of God's grace at
Please be aware this article has some mildly graphic content.

Sex-packed porn films featuring freshly-dyed blondes whose evocative eyes say “I want you” is quite possibly one of the greatest deceptions of all time. Trust me, I know. I did it all the time and I did it for the lust of power and the love of money. I never liked sex. I never wanted sex and in fact I was more apt to spend time with Jack Daniels than some of the studs I was paid to “fake it” with. That’s right none of us freshly-dyed blondes like doing porn. In fact, we hate it. We hate being touched by strangers who care nothing about us. We hate being degraded with their foul smells and sweaty bodies. Some women hate it …