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Linux Mint

Some screenshots of Linux Mint. Enjoy!
Linux - 3D Desktop
Linux - Minimizing Window
Linux - Virtual Desktop
Linux - Moving Window Compression Effect
Linux - Moving Window Stretching Effect
Linux - Mint Start Menu

Annoying skipping and chopping problem - Shivering Computer™

One day you turn on your computer, start boot into Windows and discover a brand new problem, right from the time the Windows loading bar showed up.Booting Windows seems to take longer than last time.Start-up (after the boot, before the desktop is shown) is very slow.Windows start-up sound is being very choppy.Mouse pointer skips a lot when you move it around.Any video or music that you play becomes choppy.Basically, the whole computer just freezes, doing the two points above and more, for fraction of a second, every 5-10 seconds.If this is your case, there's only one definite solution to this problem. For your reference, I found it in this page: Odd XP Problem: Audio and Mouse Skipping and Jittering / Overall system slowness - Hardware Discussions - FiringSquad ForumsThe Prescription (what you need to do):In Start Menu (or on Desktop), right click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager. (Or you can also right click on My Computer > Manage > Device M…