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Original Vista Sidebar in Windows XP or 2003

UPDATE: Information gets outdated as times goes. It seems there is an easier, much faster installer for Vista Sidebar in XP. You can get it here. It seems to do all the steps below automatically for you, and may even have the latest versions of the components including the sidebar.You may have experimented with sidebar mock-ups like Thoosje Sidebar or Yahoo Widgets, but found them to be not as good as Windows Vista Sidebar. Well, now you can get the original Vista Sidebar working in your Windows XP or 2003.I have zipped up all the required files into one ZIP file, which can be downloaded by clicking here. There are some PDF files in the ZIP file as well, in case you need more information.Before you begin, you must make sure you have Windows Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer 7 installed in your system. You can find out by opening these programs and going to "Help > About" or a similar menu item. If they are not installed, you can download them here: Windows Media Playe…