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Make Atom Editor load faster

The default installation of Atom editor comes with a bunch of core packages that you may not need. I have found that you can actually speed up the load time of Atom by disabling a lot of these core packages.

The good thing about Atom is anytime I need a package I can just enable it and it's instantly active (for most packages). Please note that what you disable would depend on your own needs. For example, if you develop Java, you would want to keep 'language-java' enabled.

I proceeded to disable the following packages as I did not see the need for them at the moment.
about - if disabled, nothing will happen if you click Help > About Atom. You can still check for updates using Help > Check for Update.archive-viewautocomplete-atom-apiautoflowautosave - Atom will still save your edit buffer. This package is not necessary to save buffer.background-tips - The tips shown when you don't have any tab open.bookmarkscommand-palettedalekdeprecation-copdev-live-reloadfuzzy-fi…

Google Drive service unaffected, app being shut down

About a week ago, Google made a confusing announcement in their G Suite Updates Blog. It resulted in shocking many Google Drive users that their favorite service is being killed off by the search giant Google. Even tech blogs kept trumpeting the false information without taking care to verify the rumors that were spreading about.

But thankfully, there are those who saw through the folly and are trying their best to clear the confusion. Here's what's actually happening:

The name ‘Google Drive’ refers to two different things:
Google Drive online service to create Docs, Sheets, Slides and other collaborative documents, as well as backup your files.
Google Drive app (a.k.a. computer program) that runs on your Mac or PC, which gives you access to those documents and files, and also syncs the files with the service. Here’s what Google said (read it with a big bag of salt):
With this launch, Google Drive for Mac/PC is officially deprecated. It will no longer be supported starting on Dec…