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Remember Year 2000?

/YEAR=•Instructs the Windows core time function to ignore the year that the computer's real-time clock reports and instead use the one indicated. Thus, the year used in the switch affects every piece of software on the system, including the Windows kernel. Example: /YEAR=2001. (This switch was created to assist in Y2K testing.)From:

LOL. It seems so funny when we think back now to the year 2K, and all the confusions and predictions we had about changing from 1999 to 2000. And imagine having to change boot.ini every year after 2000! Thank God none of those happened, not even the silliest prediction about Y2K. What predictions they had! I think the two most popular ones are: 1) The world's going to end (plus 'Jesus is coming back' among some Christians) 2) All computers and digital devices would suddenly stop working... Good ole days!

Disabling Physical Address Extension

Update for Windows Vista (Read original article below first.)Windows Vista does not have a boot.ini and uses a new form of boot loader. The official way to edit the boot settings is to use the included "bcdedit.exe" command line tool. However, using this tool is not easy and requires an advanced knowledge about using the Command Prompt. A wrong command could create serious problems and even render your computer unbootable.NeoSmart Technologies has a tool called EasyBCD which allows you to make changes to the boot loader of a Vista system, just as easily as you would edit boot.ini in an XP system. It provides a GUI front to the bcdedit.exe command line tool, making it very easy to enable or disable boot options. You can even install EasyBCD in Windows XP, if you have your system configured to dual-boot with Vista.To disable PAE on Windows Vista, download, install and run EasyBCD. In the 'Advanced Options' page of EasyBCD, Change "DEP/NoExecute" to 'Alway…

Joost, the hottest TV!

Joost! That's nothing like your average Internet TV application. It's super hot, with loads of channels for free! And the video is so high-quality you'd think you're watching a VCD or even an actual TV. Moreover the interface is very slim and slick. There are a few bugs in the current beta, but I love it!

I only hope that even after they go out of beta and release the software, they would keep the software and service free, and most (if not all) of the channels free to watch. And I hope that there will be more and more channels including regular TV channels. Right now I have not found any of the regular TV channels screening in Joost. There are also no technology-related channels like the Discovery on real TV.

Anyone want invites, contact me.