Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Joost, the hottest TV!

Joost! That's nothing like your average Internet TV application. It's super hot, with loads of channels for free! And the video is so high-quality you'd think you're watching a VCD or even an actual TV. Moreover the interface is very slim and slick. There are a few bugs in the current beta, but I love it!

I only hope that even after they go out of beta and release the software, they would keep the software and service free, and most (if not all) of the channels free to watch. And I hope that there will be more and more channels including regular TV channels. Right now I have not found any of the regular TV channels screening in Joost. There are also no technology-related channels like the Discovery on real TV.

Anyone want invites, contact me.

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  1. Joost is indeed good. However, the problem is that in India not everyone has high speed internet connection and so, it becomes difficult for those to make use of this.


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