Sunday, December 24, 2006

E-mail, E-news

Well, G-news, to be more specific. This is what the latest introduction from Google Labs should be called as. But, they named it, the "Google Reader".

Are you the kind of guy who finds out a new blog, pledges about visiting it every day, bookmarks it, and forgets about it the very next day? Then fear not! Google Reader is here to help!

"But hey why Google Reader? Why not some other reader software?"


Google Reader's interface is very much similar in structure to G-mail. So reading your RSS feeds in Google Reader would be more like reading your regular mail. (This requires you to turn on the "List View", but don't worry, it's permanent change, and just a click away.) Unread items are white, read items are grayed out. You can star items and apply labels to them.

Google Reader is web based. So you can read your RSS feeds on any computer connected to the Internet, just as with G-mail.

Google Reader has podcast support. And videos (like YouTube) embedded in feed contents can be displayed in the Reader interface itself.

And of course, there are goodies like predefined sets of feeds for you to start with.

So go ahead! If you have Gmail or a Google account, you already have access to Google Reader. Subscribe to all your podcasts and blog RSS feeds in Google Reader and never miss an update, no matter where you are! It's as simple as G-mail!

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