Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rx, BBC World - Thrice daily!

Rx, BBC World - Thrice daily!
I highly recommend BBC World! Its not a 24-hour news channel, although it is supposed to be! It has got mindboggling programs for computer geeks, car lovers, scientists, naturalists, movie freaks, travellers or the plain you that is just curious about the world! Now-a-days, the only English channel I watch is BBC!

Recently "Click Online" presented a review of podcasting, some websites like worldatlas.com, newseum.org and disturbingauctions.com, and of the data network that was built into your house 20 years before the computer was invented! - your power cables! [bbcworld.com/clickonline]

You can sign-up for brief snapshots of upcoming programs at the BBC World E-newsletter site or get the entire schedule for 15 days at the BBC World TV Listings Site

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