Thursday, December 06, 2007

Switching to Windows Live, despite my heavy criticism

I totally hated it when the newly introduced (Integrated) Windows Live Installer would simply not work in my computer. It would hang forever at "Checking for Windows Live programs in your computer." But a very kind guy saved the life of mine, and everyone else by uploading all the real installers onto a Live SkyDrive (ironically!). If the integrated installer doesn't work for you, you can get all the standalone installers by clicking here. You may need to sign in with your .NET Passport or Windows Live ID.

Since the installers are named after the class IDs, here is a list to help you find the right one. Note that installing Sign-In Assistant maybe required for proper functioning of other Live programs.

  • Sign-In Assistant: {CB5EA99C-8A5B-49F2-9A1A-2EF78BE4DB41}
  • Mail: {EDB619FD-4E71-403C-8E99-DFC9CF9DD345}
  • Messenger: {508CE775-4BA4-4748-82DF-FE28DA9F03B0}
  • Photo Gallery: {AA436FBD-2595-479B-8DDE-E9C36F50D99D}
  • Writer: {1F973A7F-3FE4-4D11-A9A2-E869C2899A7D}
  • Toolbar: {C6876FE6-A314-4628-B0D7-F3EE5E35C4B4}
  • OneCare Family Safety: {4075FCAC-561C-4D4A-BCB5-BA1628CED34B}

Even though I criticized the Installer so much, I still use 3 Windows Live Programs. In fact I'm typing this post in Windows Live Writer, which is... more about it below.

Windows Live Messenger: I'm a heavy chatter, that is, a heavy instant messaging user. Almost all of my friends are on MSN Network, which makes using Windows Live Messenger (the latest name for MSN Messenger) a must. Though I try alternatives like Trillian and Meebo from time to time, I can't live without the Live one (pun unintended).

Windows Live Writer: It's an awesome blog posting and editing program that works so seamlessly with Blogger. You even can see how the post will look like when you're actually typing them out. And you can do everything offline too, in case you're stuck in Africa with no Internet but feel like blogging. There are a lot of plug-ins you can try adding to Live Writer. I used "Insert Flickr Image" and "Insert a smiley!"

Windows Live Mail: Recently Gmail introduced 5.something GB of space and IMAP support. IMAP is better that POP3 because it allows full-duplex (two way) communication between client (Live Mail) and server (Gmail), thus enabling the client to be constantly up-to-date with the server seamlessly, and even share features with the server. For example, folders and flagged mails in Live Mail become labels and starred items in Gmail instantly. Since I've never tried IMAP before (POP3 is a big headache), I gave Windows Live Mail a go (coz I'm bored of Outlook), and so far, I'm really loving it!

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