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Software I can't live without...

These softwares are must-have's for me:
  • 7-Zip - Free, and clean (no adwares).
  • Ares Galaxy - Download music, video, software, etc through P2P; thousand times faster than LimeWire!
  • Audiograbber - Rip music from CD; full control over ripping options, for advanced users.
  • AVG Free Edition Anti-Virus (Previously I used: Avast! Anti-Virus) - FREE FREE FREE! Norton can kiss my... (oops! sorry)
  • Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - No more "The connection with the server was reset!"
  • Dvorak Assistant - The forgotten standard created specifically for computers, NOT typewriters!! ->
  • Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal - Spywares, goodbye!
  • Maxthon Browser (Maybe I can exclude this when they release IE7... maybe... maybe not!) - Nothing beats Maxthon! Not even the fox!
  • Paint.NET - Throw that "MS Paint" in Recycle Bin!!
  • PowerMenu - I want more Power over the Windows™. [Right click on any title bar after running this.]
  • PrimoPDF - Totally free PDF printer, no ads!
  • TweakUI PowerToy for Windows XP - Open the "Advanced Users Only" cover of Windows, flip the hidden switches!
  • Windows Live Messenger - Friends!!!!
  • Yahoo! Messenger with Voice - More Friends!!!!
  • ZoneAlarm Firewall - Burn, baby burn!!!


  1. I don't know about that Ares. It has timed out on me 5 times while trying to down load it.

  2. Download Ares directly from Try different server if one doesn't work for you. There are about 15-20 servers available.


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