Sunday, September 03, 2006

Technology makes the world smaller? Not for everyone.

Technology makes the world smaller. True. When your father was studying overseas in his teenage years, to keep in touch with his parents, he had to write a letter, buy postage stamp, post it and wait weeks for the reply. Now when you study overseas, you can easily log in to your email account, and go to "Compose Mail" write and send, and the reply comes out within a few days, or sometimes within minutes. You can even chat with your parents in real time using one of the messenger services. Who knows? In the future you might be talking to a real-size holographic image of your son, while he talks to your holographic image overseas!

The world is becoming smaller, with every passing day. The distance is getting lesser and lesser an issue. To cross the desert, Israelites took years and years, but with aeroplanes we can cross the same desert in hours.

As technology is improving; parents, siblings, friends, all these people can keep in touch with each other in an easier and better way, despite the geographical distance between them.

But... there is one particular type of relationship where technology will not be much of a help. This is love relationship! Ask any long distance lovers how mobile phones or instant messengers are helping them communicate to each other. They would say it's not enough. Even the future promise of life-size holographic image cannot make them feel the physical presence of their lover. They can't just wait to get to be actually together, in one place. Science does not give a perfect living, and it can never do that. But God can give a perfect living. With God given the authority, control and configuration of your long distance relationship, it will work out despite the distance! Trust God on this!

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  1. :) u never stop amazing me yup im makein u guess who this is too;)


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