Monday, September 04, 2006

In memory of the Crocodile Hunter

"World-renowned Australian "crocodile hunter" and television environmentalist Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray Monday on the famed Great Barrier Reef, police said..."

If you use MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, please do what this message below says:

If you haven't heard already, Steve Irwin died today on the 4th of September, on the Barrier Reef, near Cairns... As a sign of respect for the Australian cultural icon, please place a turtle ( tu ) at the start of your nick name, and forward this message to others...

May his soul rest in peace.


  1. The turtle is quickly spreading among MSN Messenger users around the world. How famous that guy is! It's a big loss to the entire world :(

  2. damn i loved that guy! he was the reason i started watchin discovery..:'(


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