Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rich, but...

The richest man on earth is probably the stingiest too.
MSN Hotmail is offering only 250MB maximum while Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, etc. are offering 1GB or 2GB!
And while the others offer the space to anyone, MSN offers it only to US residents. Others get only 25MB (or is it 2MB?).
More over, MSN will deactivate your account if you don't sign in within 10 days after activating, and within every 30 days after this 10 days.
Now do you know why Hotmail is so popular?...

PS: If you are thinking you need Hotmail to use MSN Messenger, you're wrong. You can get a .NET passport for any email address you have! Personally, I have a .NET passport for my Gmail address.

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