Saturday, January 28, 2006

MSN Messenger got cool!

Wow! For the first time MSN Messenger has not forced me to update it! That's cool isn't it?

But still there is one thing that makes MSN Messenger suck. That is, it doesn't connect if "Work Offline" in Internet Explorer [File > Work Offline] is checked. Also it disconnects if the option is checked by you when MSN Messenger is connected.
Unlike this, Yahoo! Messenger does not depend on "Work Offline".

And it would have been better if the user was given an option to completely turn off custom emoticons for all messages, incoming and outgoing. Built-in emoticons should remain turned on.

Google Talk is still in its prehisoric era except for the better-than-Yahoo! voice clarity and streaming and instant response for PC-to-PC calls.

MSN Messenger for XP:

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  1. It looks like MSN Messenger downloads automatically, but only asks you to confirm the installation. You can't force it to prevent downloading the new version.
    Or was the update download too small I didn't notice it?


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