Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Great! Now I have no HDD!

Yepp! I'm blogging this on my laptop which does not have an HDD!! (HDD = Hard Disk Drive) My hard disk crashed completely for no reason yesterday, and it's been only an year old. Guys, don't make the mistake I made: Don't buy a DELL laptop. I think you shouldn't buy a laptop even, unless you really need one. Stick to the desktop.

Well, if I have no hard disk, how am I able to access the Internet? How am I able to use the computer? I have a GamesKnoppix Linux live CD. A live CD lets you run the OS directly from the CD-ROM. I can't save my preferences, I can't download any programs, even for Linux, coz I have no place to save it. (I can download but I don't know how to install and stuff in Linux, and I can't save permanently as I said before). Well, atleast I can browse the Internet (with Mozilla Firefox 1.0 :( ) and log in to Yahoo & MSN (other popular clients also) using Gaim Instant Messenger. And if it is boring, GamesKnoppix have got a lot of (boring) games to waste time playing. Thats what the live CD is for!

Welp, anyway, that's all for now. I'm not planning to get a new HDD, coz my dad still does not know about it, and it will be an explosion when he finds out! (coz he payed a fortune for the laptop, and now it is falling apart a few months after the warranty expired) Thank God, and thanks to Digit computer magazine for the Linux-on-CD, coz I don't really need a hard disk to get in to the Internet!

PS: The Britannica will lie there useless till I get a new hard disk / computer. :((

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