Friday, April 07, 2006

Everywhere Messenger (Web Messenger)

Everywhere Messenger -

"e-Messenger is a web application that enables you to chat with your MSN, AOL and Yahoo buddies without having to install any program or Java applet. All you need is a JavaScript enabled browser and you're set to go and use e-Messenger, even if you're behind a firewall.

Please note that you must disable your pop-up blocker for e-Messenger to work correctly. After you have logged in you will be notified if you have a blocker activated for the server you are chatting on. [You can also keep your pop-up blocker enabled as long as you have "" (no quotes and no 'www.') in your pop-up blocker's exceptions/allow list.]

If you are on the road you can still chat with your buddies using e-Messenger. Every mobile device that supports HTML or WAP can be used.

You'll need a Microsoft .NET Passport. You can register your FREE .NET Passport today!
You'll need an AOL * Netscape * Compuserve Screen Name. You can register your FREE Screen Name today!
You'll need a Yahoo ID. You can sign up now for FREE!

Mobile version
Available at . All you need is a xHTML or WAP 2.0 enabled browser.

WAP Version
A WAP version (for WAP 1.1 or higher) is also available. Just open your WAP Browser on your device and go to

Light Version
Old light version of eMessenger available here:
server 1
server 2

eMessenger is the first, web browser-based instant messaging service since 2003. eMessenger is a privately funded, Netherlands based company. Our patent pending technology enables millions of unique users every month to chat over the web and mobile phones. Proprietary and Ajax technology are used for best user experience. For general information about eMessenger please contact us at info[at]"

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  1. i think meebo is also good
    it is based on AJAX technology


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