Thursday, July 27, 2006

MSN, Yahoo! joins hands!

Yup! Its done. MSN and Yahoo!, as they promised, have started interoperability. But one thing remains. They should implement at least one of the following:
1) Both messengers must be able to actually log into each other's accounts. The idea is to use MSN Messenger alone to log into both MSN and Yahoo accounts at the same time. Or, to use Yahoo Messenger the same way.
2) Import contacts automatically by using the other messenger's log in details. That is if the person enters Yahoo log in details in to MSN Messenger, it should log in, download the contact list and add them up to user's MSN account (maintaining the groups). (In this case, when chatting with the Yahoo contacts from MSN, the other person must be shown the Yahoo ID along with the MSN ID.

Okay I'm sure Microsoft wouldn't even see this blog, but still I'm putting my wishlist here, because... that's what my blog is for!!!

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