Monday, October 23, 2006

The D of Dvorak!

[UPDATE: Links in this blog post are no longer valid as "" is not an active website anymore. Meanwhile, you can visit: ]

I did a lot of research for this, and finally made some new improvements on the way you can quickly switch to Dvorak layout on any computer. Basically it just got quicker.

Note: You DO NOT need to type the "http://" part in the Address/Location Bar. Just start from the letter "d".

The Quickest Way: - Directly download the Dvorak Assistant Application. Run it instantly! (after Internet Explorer warnings if they appear).
- Also (shorten qwerty!), (second letter of Dvorak) and (one of the two letters which are in same place in both qwerty and Dvorak layouts; "a" was already occupied by some other website :( )

Less Quicker, but directly from the author (SourceForge Mirrors): } } Download the ZIP file. You may need another program
... and so on upto ... } to extract the application, unless you have Windows XP. }
Numbers are sorted according to geographic location of servers.
1-4 = North America
5 = South America
6-11 = Europe
12, 13 = Asia
14 = Australia

Information - Wikipedia article about the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout
- Also [D Zero] - This page!

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