Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Google takes over the world!

Disclaimer: This is a joke :P

You know the book of Revelation talks about a great (presumably evil) leader taking over the entire world? Some people think it is Osama. Some think it is George Bush. Some, European Union. Some, a supercomputer with highest AI. Some, Bill Gates.

But I think it's gonna be... Google!

Once upon a time, Microsoft Windows was the only operating system in a home computer, and Bill Gates was the ruler of the computer world. Today, many are fighting back his dictatorship.

But one freedom fighter is going beyond the limits. Once he was merely a spider, quietly crawling the web and eating poor fly(er)s caught in it. Now he is doing much more than just crawling.

He took over the world, virtually: Google Earth
He took over your favorite browser: Google Toolbar
He took over your alarm clock and your newspaper boy: Google Alerts
He replaced your friend who knows each and every spot and all directions in your place: Google Maps
He took over your mouth: Google Talk
He took over your mouth, once again: Blogger
He took over the chemicals (with which he was able to take over everything else): Labs
He took over your address: GMail
He took over your computer: Pack
He took over your Internet connection: Web accelerator
He's the professor you're a student of, lifelong: Scholar
He's watching what you gossip!: Google Groups
He's not your average language tutor: Translate
He's watching your photos, so better take nice ones: Picasa
He's not stopping: More Google Products

Somebody stop him!!!

Ah I'm bored...

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