Friday, April 27, 2007

Running Linux on Windows

I'm currently running Linux on Windows XP. In fact, I'm typing this inside Linux, which is running through VMWare Player. It's a cool software that virtualizes an entire PC inside my computer enabling me to run Linux parallel to Windows. I did some research on doing so and found another software called CoLinux. It seemed promising but had to do a lot of setup and that was a big headache. And it didn't work.So I turned to this software. It's cool and I have a running "Damn Small Linux" distro right inside Windows XP. I can switch between Linux and Windows any time. There is another one called andLinux which supposedly should work straight out of the box though it's based on CoLinux.

That's it for now. I'm also using Qwerty to Dvorak Online Converter since the Linux distro is in Qwerty mode, and changing it to Dvorak doesn't work until restart, and nothing is saved, so on restart it will revert to qwerty anyway.

Thanks for reading. Take care.

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