Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some things never change (but finally changed)

Update: It did finally change! In Windows 7, the Add Fonts dialog box is completely missing (or has been made inaccessible). Now, the File menu in the Fonts folder does not have an Install New Font option and there's no way to bring up an Add Fonts dialog box. According to the Windows Help, there are only two ways to install a font. One is to right-click the font and click Install. The other is to drag the font into the Fonts folder.

Original Post:
This has to be the most ridiculous thing about Microsoft Windows. The dialog box below is from Windows 3.1 (earlier?) and still continues to exist even in the lastest Windows Vista in the exact same form. See the drive and folder selection part and icons used there?

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Microsoft should do either of the following.
  1. Remove this dialog box and the File menu item completely. 99% of people adding new fonts simply drag and drop them into the Fonts folder (or use similar methods).
  2. If such a feature proves useful, replace this antique dialog box with a standard "Open Files" dialog box which has the ability to select multiple files. See picture below.
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