Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Delete multiple posts on Blogger

As mentioned in previous post, I had been uploading Friendster posts to Blogger to help my friend, and suddenly I ran into a problem. I accidentally posted some 50 posts twice, so they started appearing in doubles in the blog. [By the way, I got the 50/day limit upped to 300/day by emailing Trevor at Google.]

So now, the dilemma is to delete the duplicate copies. Blogger, after so long, is yet to give an option by which we can select multiple posts and just click a Delete button, to trash them all. Their standpoint is to avoid accidentally deleting a lot of posts. Maybe it's good.

Except in times like this.

To solve the problem, I found a software called "w.bloggar" (It is spelt bloggar, not blogger.) It is mainly a software to create and manage posts in your blog, but I got it to delete multiple posts. I downloaded the portable version as I would not be using it all the time. You can get w.bloggar here.

Note that when you are in the opening Account Setup wizard of w.bloggar you can only access it by minimizing/moving away whatever is on top of it. There is no taskbar button for it, and it does not appear in the Alt-Tab list. (I have no idea why.) You won't have this problem once you are in the main w.bloggar window.

Once you have set up w.bloggar using the opening wizard, just click the arrow next to "Posts" in the toolbar. Select "Last 'n' Posts" and enter a number large enough to accommodate the posts you want to delete. You can also select one of the predefined numbers if the posts are recent.


You will get a list of posts. To preview any post, click it on the list, and you will get a preview on the right. Place a tick mark in the box (check it) next to every post that you want to delete. Once you have checked/ticked all the posts you want to delete, click the "Delete" button.


That's it. Easy as a cake.

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