Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Meebo and not eBuddy

I've seen many in Singapore using eBuddy as their favorite online multi-messenger (even if they are only signing into MSN!) Maybe they are used to it, but to me, Meebo has a lot more advantages compared to eBuddy.
  • Meebo has no advertisements! eBuddy has both text and image banner advertisements in every window you open.
  • Meebo uses the familiar Windows interface. eBuddy uses a tabbed interface, but this to me is not comfortable for chatting. I use a tabbed browser but for chatting, I prefer having separate windows.
  • Meebo has a simplistic, minimal and clean design. eBuddy has an overly stylistic design, wastes a lot of screen space (for not only the ads).
  • Meebo allows you to have or even upload your own display picture. eBuddy forces its own display picture (the orange b with two orange dots in it) on its users, promoting itself.
  • Meebo is a web-based desktop and allows wallpaper. Nothing comparable in eBuddy.
  • Meebo has chat rooms and promotes music. Tell me who doesn't love music? eBuddy has eBay tab, Youtube tab, Mobile Music tab, and such crappy tabs that people would hardly find any use for. They copied it from MSN Messenger, but then even that Messenger is wasting space and time with those tabs.
  • Meebo has history. Maybe eBuddy does too, I don't know.
  • Meebo allows you to search your contact list. When will eBuddy come up with this feature?
  • Meebo allows you to sign into multiple accounts and has an integrated contact list. With eBuddy, you need to create an eBuddy account first to have this feature.
  • Meebo has themes. Nothing comparable in eBuddy.
That's all I can figure out now. If there's anything I missed, or something is wrong, leave me a comment :)


  1. Think u are juz being biase.

    1. ebuddy can uses your own pic.
    2. ebuddy has history.
    3. ebuddy can seach contact list.
    4. There are pple out there who likes tabs. Just like me!
    5. Music? Just download!


  2. Hey Passer-by ^_^

    Thanks for the feedback and clearing things up. Very much appreciated. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, otherwise it would have been a perfect world.

    But it still doesn't beat not having banner ads everywhere. ;)

  3. how do you get the history log for ebuddy?

  4. Sorry I have no idea. I don't use eBuddy at all.

  5. Can anyone tell me how to find chat history on ebuddy please?


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