Friday, October 02, 2009

Vista Help and Support became ugly!

If you have noticed an annoying problem with Help and Support of Windows Vista, such as the images being missing and replaced with a red cross (X) or the pages lacking style and being displayed in the default (and ugly) Times New Roman font, then you need to get a registry fix. It also fixes a more severe issue of "Internet Explorer cannot download / from help"
When you open Help and Support center in Windows Vista, one of the following problems may occur:
  • Red X mark appears where the images are to be displayed
  • CSS styles are not applied to the pages in Help and Support
  • Error Internet Explorer cannot download / from Help occurs
Full details and solution here: Pages in Windows Vista Help and Support are not displayed correctly

Disclaimer: Always open all downloaded REG files in Notepad and verify them for any malicious content before merging them to your Windows registry. I do not accept responsibility for broken Windows installations after application of the downloaded REG files.

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