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Android - Unable to start Locations

Update: Hi all, it would be helpful if you can let me know whether you tried any of the other items in the list below. That way I can narrow down what works and what doesn't. This is still a work in progress...

Unable to start Locations
Either you just canceled the locations file download, or you have less than 15MB of free space on your storage card. Please try again.

If you got the above message, try deleting the folder "/sdcard/.data/navigator/Data" (or moving it onto your computer where it will appear as "E:\.data\navigator\Data" assuming E: is your phone's SD card), then launching Locations again. It should re-download the locations file, and you will probably also need to re-download your local maps once the locations file has been installed.

Some other things that I suspect might help in addition to deleting the above-mentioned folder would be to also delete "/sdcard/download/" (or similar file), and perhaps also restart the phone before launching Locations again.

Let me know by a comment/remark what steps you took to fix the error, as I had tried various other things as well (which didn't work on their own, but might have contributed to the fix):

NOTE: The following are things I tried. They are NOT steps to fix the error! To fix the error, please read the first paragraph after the message example!
  • Updated Google Maps to latest version from Play Store.
  • Started Maps, then started Locations.
  • Force stopped ""
  • Force stopped (clear data) "HTC Location Service"
  • Force stopped (clear data) "Locations" (seemed promising as I got Premium Navigation trial offer, but when I rejected the offer, I still got the same error message)
  • Force stopped (clear data) "Locations Launcher"
  • (Using File Manager) Moved file "/sdcard/download/" to a different location (to simulate deleting the file)
  • Deleted following files from SD card (moved to computer):
    • E:\.data\footprints\footprints.db-wal
    • E:\.data\navigator\Data\htc\FootprintTable_add.db
    • E:\.data\navigator\LdbDataFp.ldb
  • Deleted folder (moved to computer): E:\.data\navigator\Data
  • Removed/reinserted SD card and SIM card, then restarted phone.


  1. no . i did everything still the problem exists please help this is soo frustrating :!

  2. Have you tried restarting the phone? Specifically what items in my list did you try? Please give me a way to contact you for easier communication (email, messenger, Facebook, etc).

  3. Trying to sort out the same issue since installing the Trip Advisor app. Have deleted the folder you mentioned and tried again and things seemed to be working as it looked like it was downloading Locations but then got the old error msg again.

  4. Hi all, it would be helpful if you can let me know whether you tried any of the other items in the list in my blog post. That way I can narrow down what works and what doesn't. This is still a work in progress.


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